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Beijing Jing Chuan Electronics Ltd. is a German Infineon ( Ag ), EPCOS ( Epp Kos ), the Swiss companies such as Concept electronic parts in China one of the agents, professional agents of industrial and automotive electronics parts two big application market. Since 2002, jing-chuan has been China's industrial application market is the biggest IGBT module agents. Beijing Jingchuan electronic company originated in 1990, Mr. Zhou Wending began to pay attention to: IGBT, power MOSFET, a new generation of MOS power field controlled semiconductor power devices, that IGBT is the future of high-power energy transform and motion control is the key of power semiconductor devices in 1992began to focus on IGBT module in industrial application market in China to promote the work of. 1996March, Beijing Jing Chuan was first established on the first agent to promote the original Siemens power electronic devices in China industrial electronics market applications, is the main agent of the brand: Infineon, EUPEC, EPCOS were derived from the original Siemens electronic parts. Infineon, EPCOS electronic parts in industrial and automotive applications are: product range is very wide, production history is long, competitive advantage through jing-chuan efforts, now Infineon Technologies (formerly EUPEC trademark ) IGBT module has been in China for industrial application, electric locomotive traction, electric cars, new energy and other fields with strong influence and dominant market share. Akirakawa in Chinese electric locomotive traction, electric vehicles and other transport domain promotion Infineon IGBT module for many years on the basis of Jing Chuan, in 2009entered China automotive electronics parts market. Beijing Jing Chuan companies adhere to the technology to promote trade, adhere to its agents to promote products to the customer is responsible for, with customers and common development principles. We have applied technology lab, mainly engaged in IGBT and MCU application technology development and technical services, IGBT failure analysis and driving circuit research and development. In addition to the Beijing headquarters, Jing Chuan has 6 offices, the nearest services throughout China the main customers.